The Griffin Gives Foundation’s HOPE Program was written to empower young women and provide self confidence, strength and determination.   Through this program young women will train in self-defense, create their own personal branding style, build strength and team build with one another to grow as individuals in a world which needs leaders who believe in themselves.

Along with our partners, families and committed young women The Griffin Gives Foundation’s goal is to provide an opportunity to strengthen young woman, their friendships and everyone’s desire to stop bullying. In a world where mean exists, it’s our privilege to work with young woman to empower them to walk away from the stress of negativity and walk into the positive approach of finding a better path. When we work to empower the young woman in our program, we choose to stand up to hate and begin this journey, together and with the support of those who also believe in our mission to provide HOPE.

For more information, visit our website www.ourhopeprogram.org.

“Hope”, by Rocco Costanza

Young boy wears heart on his sleeve, pushed around every single day
All he wants is to be loved, in every single way
This life could be so peaceful if we didn’t fight
I’m just a kid, living a nightmare through the darkest times

Someday we’ll live where we can be friends and start the trend
Always having better times underneath the sunshine, where everything is alright
Life gives you Hope
Life gives you Hope
Life gives you a new start to love someone
Life gives you Hope

She’s beautiful but insecure, scared to death of what people say
She never knew what to feel or how to love, so easily
She spends the days alone
When nothing is going right
Just know between you and me, every thing’s alright


Life gives you Hope
Life gives you Hope
Never give up on life cause life gives you Hope, Oh Yea
Life gives you Hope
You just gotta hold on, yea
Life gives you Hope
Never give up
Never give up
Never give up, Life gives you Hope


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